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Scrap mechanic Free latest for you. In this game you take on the persona of a robot’s mechanic who is sent to take care of the farming robots on a distant planet. Quite the routine job, you just have to do your thing and keep them working so the robots can grow the food needed for people in other planets. Everything goes as planned until the ship where you’re travelling crashes just before delivering you to your destination and you’re left stranded and doing what it takes to survive. That is, in a nut shell the story in Scrap Mechanic, a multiplayer sandbox game that promises to keep you entertained by making your own creations and escaping the farmer robots, which have become hostile.

scrap mechanic Free Download Full Version For PC

If this sounds as if the game has a vague resemblance with Minecraft might be due to the fact that its creators once developed a prototype port for that game. So you’ll also find creative and survival modes in this one and also tools and building blocks that you have to use to create machines and anything you might set your mind to.

The game is still in its early access stage so that you won’t get a completed version just yet. Still, you can download it and become one of the members of a growing “mechanics” community. These kind of games appeal to a certain type of people, and they are already creating stuff and making it available for the world. As we said, it’s still early to really know what will the completed game look like (survival mode is still being developed), but you can at least have fun using the tools and parts at your disposal for testing your creativity.

Key Features

  • Right now, only creative mode is available. You will be able to create at your own pace.
  • Even though you might start out as a male mechanic, you can switch genders and play as a female one.
  • There are ready-made parts available for you. Combine them as you wish to build your creations from scratch.
  • The game comes with a handbook that is really good at getting you started. You can take examples off of it and make your first creations. You’ll find yourself improving on them soon enough.

Advanced Features

  • Among the ready-to-use parts you’ll find ones that give life to your creations. There are engines, sensors and buttons that will take your creations to the next level.

System Requirements

The game is said to work on PCs with a dual core processor and anything above Windows XP, but those are just the minimum requirements. If you want to get better results please read on for the recommended configuration:

  • Windows 7 or later. Make sure to have the latest service pack installed.
  • A Core i5 processor or its AMD equivalent.
  • It’s not a very large game; you’ll need 2GB of available disk space for the install.
  • At least 8GB of RAM.
  • A good quality video card, something like the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or an AMD Radeon. You’ll also need OpenGL 3.3


The PC version of the game sells for USD 19.99. They accept major credit cards and also PayPal. Before you buy though, remember that the game is in an early release state.


  • It’s handbook it’s quite useful for new uses. It’s very detailed and has easy-to-follow instructions.
  • There is still development going on, new features and items for the players to use.
  • The early stage is ideal for users who want to just learn the ropes without the pressure of knowing that the robots are out to get you, this because you’re in creative mode.


  • The game is still in early release state, there is not a complete version available yet.
  • Some users complain about it being kind of boring. There are not real threats if you’re always in creative mode. Where is the survival in that?
  • The visual aspect is still kind of rough looking.


At this stage there is not a lot to say about Scrap Mechanic. The game is literally a work in progress. Still, it has managed to get some fans interested and they are already making contributions that will probably help shape the finalized version of the game.

It was released as an early access version in 2016. By now you can only play it in creative mode which can be cool for getting to know the environment and developing your skills as a mechanic but can get old quite fast. Sure it’s nice seeing what kind of things you can come up with, especially if you can give them movement and interact with them, but it will be a lot more fun doing that while some crazed farm robots are trying to kill you. In short, for now it lacks the adrenaline that you get in survival mode.

The game delivers what it offers; it’s a sandbox kind of game. You’re left to device new things, adapt the environment and build whatever you want from the ground up. A very nice feature is the handbook that they have included. It has very precise and easy-to-follow instructions that will help you get started. There are some default constructions there that you can use as your first version of anything. Once you see them working, you’re sure to start improving on them over and over again. If this is something that appeals to you, then you’ll have hours of fun making and testing new vehicles and machines.

The developing team is said to be working on the survival mode. They have hinted some of the features we are going to find in it but they are still to set a release date. There are said to have included new items like portable weapons that your character will use to fight the renegade robots (a spud gun has been mentioned), but we’re still to see this world of wonder. Hopefully, the delay is due to them tuning out every detail so the finalized version will be everything their fans are expecting. For now, you could test the creative mode and begin getting ready for when the robots attach!

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